Search Engine Marketing

Search engines play an important role in what sites online consumers see, directly affecting which sites get business. People generally gravitate toward the search results that are up the highest. This means companies have to get creative and make sure that they are optimizing their placement in search engines.

Search engine marketing and optimization is a tedious and constant task because search engines are constantly changing while other companies are trying to optimize their websites. True Blue Media will provide this optimization, marketing and maintenance in a package that is right for your business, no matter what size.

Keyword Research and Analysis: It is important in order to gather your target audience, to have keywords that not only represent your business, but appeal to those searching for your services. True Blue Media will do this for you – we create and analyze a set of keywords that accurately represent your business and appeal to the demographics you want to reach.

Website Analysis: In order for your website to move up in search engine results, it needs to be properly tailored in order for the search engine to select your website. True Blue Media will analyze your current website in terms of it’s ability to appeal to these search engines, helping to pave the road for further optimization and marketing.

Keyword Integration into a new or existing site: We will go into your new or existing website and integrate the researched keywords both in terms of content and code, making your website easier for search engines to find and list.

Search engine and directory submissions: Improving your hierarchy during searches requires constant maintenance and submissions. We will include manual submissions to 100 directories and search engines per month. This will get your business higher up in search results so your target customers can find you.

Monthly reports: To see the effectiveness of your site in search engines you need to be able to get analytics regarding your site. We will set up analytic software to keep track of who’s visiting your website, how long they visit it for and where they are being directed from. This will provide integral information on ways to further improve your website.

Customer Service: Don’t be afraid to call or e-mail us with any technical questions. We provide 1 hour of phone time per month with the package (any additional phone time will cost more) and you can e-mail us with any quick questions and we will respond to you within 24 hours.


Link building: One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization and marketing is link building. We will help send out and build links around the Internet, making your site not only more visible to readers, but also to search engines.

Monthly Press Releases: Press releases aren’t just to promote your business to publications; they’re an integral form of search engine marketing. We will write up a press release each month tailored to your business with important keywords that search engines will use when placing your site in their results. These press releases will get into the online hands of other sites important to your business, further improving you’re search engine reach.


Paid search engine placement: Another way to get your business seen is through paid search engine placement, in which your company will be placed higher up in a search engine for a fee. This search engine marketing will get you where other optimization methods cannot. True Blue Media will help your company figure out what paid placement is right for you and maximize its efficiency, placing your business ahead of the competition in search results.

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