Additional Marketing

E-mail marketing

E-mail campaigns are a simple and cost-effective way for your business to keep regular customers tuned in, while opening up the door for potential customers. True Blue Media can provide e-mail services that allow you to avoid spam filters and see what types of e-mails are getting the most feedback. It’s a way for your business to see what’s working with your e-mail marketing at the same time that you’re testing things out.

Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes it’s beneficial to team up with another company in order to bring in more revenue. An affiliate marketing program is where you enter an agreement with third parties who will promote your product on your behalf, and send traffic to your website. In return, you'll pay something back to them when a visitor they've delivered completes a certain task on your website. True Blue Media can help you locate and set up the right affiliate programs for your company.

Online Advertising

It can be difficult to understand where to invest your online ad dollars. True Blue Media can figure out the best plan of attack for your business. We will provide you with the best avenues through which to advertise online. We can also assist you with making online banner campaigns.