Custom Wordpress Websites

Having an efficient, distinctive and user-friendly website is integral to a successful business. Unlike other websites, a content management system (CMS) provides ease for you and those viewing your site. A CMS will keep your website fresh for the customer because it makes it simple for your business to add, edit and delete content online. This way you can promote special offers and new services immediately through your website, making visitors more likely to come back to check out new happenings with your business. It also provides increased security by allowing you to control who adds or edits content to your site, as well as who is allowed to see that content. With a customized CMS, your business will have a distinctive site unparalleled by your competition. This custom content management system will give you the edge and still be simple and quick for you to use.

Custom WordPress Website

Price: $2,500

We will design a content management system catered to your company’s specific needs. Content management systems provide consistency, security and efficiency, increasing productivity. With a functional CMS, you don’t need to be web literate in order to add information or pages to your website. You also don’t need any software to edit content on your site. You simply need to go online. In addition, a CMS can provide statistics regarding visitors to your website and search engine-friendly URLs to help your site rank higher in online searches. This way, you can figure out what works best on your site and what improvements could be made, streamlining your online presence.

Having a customized CMS is a way to showcase cutting edge techniques that haven’t been used in more standard content management systems, making your site stand out even more. A custom CMS offers more user-friendly and attractive navigation techniques in addition to other design benefits that will cater to your company’s target customers base. A CMS more tailored to your business will make your site more attractive to customers and at the same time, retain its usefulness.

WordPress Maintenance Package

Price: $99/month

Twice Monthly database backups: Don’t lose all of your hard work! We will backup your database twice each month to make sure that you don’t lose any of your information. We can also provide an optional downloadable archive.

Twice Monthly file backups: Backing up your files regularly is the only way to ensure that you don’t lose your work. We will make sure that all of your files and themes are backed up so that you never worry about losing important information.

Software updates: Updates to your CMS are important because they provide new features and security fixes. We will make sure that your core CMS files are upgraded, as well as any plug-ins, to further streamline your site.

Enhanced Security: Staying vigilant about your website’s security is integral in order to prevent issues from happening with your website. We will provide routine security scans, a file permissions check with the setup of your package and we will empty all your spam and trash to make sure your site continues to run safely and smoothly.

Customer Service: Don’t be afraid to call or e-mail us with any technical questions. We provide 1 hour of phone time per month with the package (any additional phone time will cost more) and you can e-mail us with any quick questions and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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