Online Promotional Materials

HTML E-mail Banners

E-mail marketing doesn’t have to just consist of boring text and forms. HTML e-mails can be a very effective and visually pleasing form of online marketing that creates more interactive and useful notifications for your business. True Blue Media can help you to create effective e-mail designs that will be effective for your customers and keep them coming back to your business.

True Blue Media can design and code your HTML e-mail campaigns. Whether you are sending out monthly newsletters or a one-time email promotion, we can design and code effective e-mails for any campaign.


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Website Banners

Website banners are ads that get displayed across the tops of web pages and, therefore, can draw in a lot of traffic for your site. Since web banners are one of the first things people see when they go to a website, it is an integral forum for advertising. True Blue Media can design banners that will promote and draw attention to your business. We will help plan the advertising strategy for your site, including the identification of external sites well suited for the placement of your ads. Our company can create standard animated ads, as well as distinct interactive and media-rich ads that are proven to get results.

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