Digital Video

Videos can provide another interactive forum through which you can showcase your business and its services. Younger demographics learn through visual media, so the best way to reach this market is through videos. True Blue Media can create the video format that’s right for your services, whether it’s more typography based or more interactive.

Video Slideshows

Marketing videos can be a deciding factor in a customer’s decision to purchase your service or product, as they can convey aspects of your business that other media can’t. These 30-second videos consist of professional photographs (taken by our photography staff) combined with moving typography. These videos are a simple way to explain your company and its benefits to different markets in order to interest them. We will provide you with the video files and the embed codes to upload the video to a destination of your choice. We can also include a CD-ROM with the promotional photography.

-Professional Photography
-Finished video files
-Free upload to location(s) of your choice

Cost: $250 plus travel

Online Marketing Videos

More intensive video shoots can be integral to promoting you business or brand by creating a wider visualization of your company. Our online marketing video package includes a 2 to 3 minute high definition video with typography and a professional voiceover, presentable on your website. The package includes a day-long video shoot, along with professional scriptwriting and editing – giving you an all-around package that gives customers a full view of your company or organization, and what you offer.

-Day-long, on-site location shoot (Up to 5 hours)
-Professional Production, Scriptwriting, Editing and Voiceover
-Free upload to location(s) of your choice

Cost: $400 plus travel

Customer Testimonials

People have often relied on word-of-mouth to find out about great businesses and services. Online testimonials can bring this personal feeling back to your business, providing potential customers with real-life stories to connect to you business. True Blue Media’s customer testimonial package will give you a high definition video of an interview with 3 customers of your choice. This testimonials will reveal to potential customers how satisfied past customers are with your products and services, giving them even more incentive to purchase it themselves.

-3 Customer Testimonials, shot in HD
-Professionally editing
-Free upload to location(s) of your choice

Cost: $300 plus travel

Expert Interviews

Experts give products and services credibility beyond that of which any business can offer. We will meet up with and film an in-depth interview with an expert of your choice (we will help find them if you can not), edit it professionally and upload it to the location of your choice.

-Expert Interview, shot in HD
-Professional editing
-Free upload to location(s) of your choice

Cost: $150 plus travel

Viral Video Marketing Package

Going beyond traditional advertising is necessary to reach new and younger demographics. Since we are in a media-saturated age, advertising needs to get creative in order to reach potential customers. True Blue Media offers a series of 5 high-definition, quirky online videos that are upload-able to any website or video-based social network. These videos can be marketed through social media, your website or any outlet whatsoever, giving your company the cutting edge in marketing to the younger, new media-based demographic.

-5 short HD videos designed for viral marketing campaigns
-Professional scriptwriting, production and editing
-Free upload to location(s) of your choice

Cost: $999

Additional Video Production

True Blue Media is also available for the rest of your digital video production needs. Please contact us for any project that does not fit these descriptions and we will give you a free estimate.